NEW! Healing Minds is now available!

A table top collection of Poems, journal writings and general thoughts, coupled with some of the photos we believe represent the writing.
All are original works of Tim and Brian.

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“We both believe we have an obligation to help others. We are compelled to do so. Inside the pages you will find poems, journal writings, and general musings, paired with personal photos we have taken that have special meaning. We did this to honor our creative side, and to share insights, love, and joy! BRING THE LUCK WHERE EVER YOU GO!” -Tim

“The pieces included in this book were part of my journey of self-exploration, driven by desire for understanding. Tim and I know the process of healing and transformation through personal practice and empowerment. At CCS we desire to help others on their journey. Each of us has choices to make for empowerment and we wish everyone to experience the internal freedom that naturally expresses love and joy. God’s Got It, so Buckle Up!” – Brian