We’re Passionate about what we do!

Many people live in a self created prison limiting their success in various arenas. Our mission is to help those in need break through the walls of limitation and develop personal empowerment.

Our 3 part program uses therapeutic hands on seminars and teaches the tools to address and overcome self limitations. We teach techniques such as meditation, physical exercise, prayer, accountability, and the development of action plans to succeed.

At CCS, we have two founders, Tim McCain and Brian Fowle. Both Tim and Brian have battled homelessness, jail time, and other obstacles that many never overcome. Using the methods they now teach, each of them have grown to lead successful lives, and passionately want to give back to others battling their own mental prisons. Please take a a few minutes to read their full stories.

Read Tim’s full story here

Read Brian’s full story here

At CCS we offer everything from one hour speaking engagements to multi-day workshops. Our programs are flexible and can be customized to fit the need of your group. We happily work with businesses, church groups, community leaders, and other organizations looking to help their members succeed.

All proceeds are donated back into the community to help those in need.

To schedule a workshop or speaking event, or for any questions, please visit our Contact page.