Meet Tim McCain

Tim McCain wants you to know he loves you!

Tim has battled addiction, jail time & being homeless at a young age, and is now is owner of several successful software companies. As a Youth he found himself on the streets and dealing with the perils of his situation. During this time, Tim had a moment of clarity, and he was able to overcome his situation, and succeed. He can now proudly say that he has been “on the right track” for over 20 years!

Tim has vowed not to allow his experiences to be in vain. He has spoken at many organizations such as hospice, local businesses, and does countless one on one counseling sessions to inspire others.

Tim is the current CEO and co owner of 2 software organisations, and serves on the Board of Directors for CCS. He is a graduate of Heath Kit, A plus computer studies, and a recent graduate of Bruchards High Performance Academy.
Tim is most proud of his beautiful wife and 3 fantastic kids, which he credits most of his drive to succeed to.

Tim got Lucky with a lot of this, and his mission now is to share that! He is trying to “bring the luck” to all he touches!!!


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